I believe art is a conduit for change, inspiration and the expression of beauty. My art originates from two sources: life’s everyday sights and experiences or abstract imagery in my mind. Living in New York City, I'm constantly on alert for the moment that stands out and is worthy of memorialization.    
As for imagery spawned from my imagination, I believe it's from my DNA! The Greek village of Chios - where my maternal grandparents were born - is internationally known for its unique geometric patterns that decorate building facades. I experiment with geometric patterns by roughly applying the fractal-inspired constructions and other pattern making techniques. 
As an early adopter of digital tools, I've been using the Adobe suite of products since their inception. With digital tools, I create drawings, hand-drawn text and photography.
My practice is strongly influenced by Mail Art. My Master’s work at NYU centered on the documentation of a year-long correspondence with the “father” of Mail Art, Ray Johnson and the history of the genre. Mail Art is the pre-cursor to our culture of sharing images, connecting strangers based on a common subject and complex networks of connections.
I am currently creating applications of my large scale 2D, public art and motion digital work.

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